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YGS Speaks at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference

Craig Lauer, YGS director of content strategy, and Sam Hoffmeister, senior managing editor, shared insights on how to maximize the value of your content with association executives and experts during a 45-minute solutions chat. In this post, we share excerpts from our conversation and invite you to follow up with any questions or comments at [email protected].  […]

Content Marketing 101

You know the feeling—you’re watching a YouTube video when suddenly you’re interrupted by an ad for a product that you would never have any use for. Now, say the video you’re watching is a tutorial, something you can learn from. You’re likely engaged with that content and eager to see more. Maybe you’ll even share […]

What You Need to Know About Lead Generation Right Now

Distilled to its truest form, lead generation encapsulates all activities related to identifying and cultivating potential clients. It allows companies to develop a continuous sales pipeline and establish relationships with organizations or individuals who will, ideally, purchase your product or service. The growth and success of a business or its campaigns relies on its ability […]

Farewell, Fragmentation. Hello, Integrated Marketing!

It’s not just another catchphrase: Integrated marketing is a strategic communications approach that brings consistency and coherence to the complexity of creating and delivering valuable messages to your target audience. By definition, integrated marketing refers to the process of aligning and coordinating a marketing organization to deliver a consistent, seamless, customer-centric content experience across all channels. And […]

Pros & Cons of Using Stock Photos in Your Marketing

mages enhance marketing efforts, and stock photos are widely attainable to license for creative use. They have been around for almost 100 years and are now available all over the internet. According to Shutterstock, some of the most popular stock photos include people, travel destinations, animals, and food. While there’s nothing wrong with integrating stock […]

Putting Others FIRST

At YGS, we firmly believe that service to our community and staying true to our principles are of the utmost importance. We begin every company meeting by reaffirming our “FIRST” values—Flexibility, Integrity, Responsibility, Service, and Trust—and every employee makes a strong effort to embody those values daily. On March 3, (during what we’ve come to […]

The YGS Group Upgrades Digital Operations with HP Indigo 12000HD Press and Site Flow

We are thrilled to have the new HP Indigo 12000 HD press at our York facility. And HP has been a tremendous partner to us by promoting this newest printing upgrade through the press release included below. We hope you enjoy reading it! ____________________________________________________________ The YGS Group, a full-service communications company specializing in commercial printing, […]

YGS Achieves G7 Certification

YGS achieved G7 certification through Idealliance, bringing brand color consistency and validation across multiple printing platforms and processes. Because color plays such a critical role in design and printing, YGS customers can always be confident that colors will be reproduced perfectly on every project. YGS understands the significance of the G7 certification as a key milestone toward delivering […]

Tactful Blogging: Implementing Keywords and SEO for Engagement and Conversion

Cranking out content that seems intuitively relevant won’t yield the results you’d get from taking a more strategic approach to your content marketing plan. Let’s explore some of the techniques to use when building your blog topic calendar. CHOOSING YOUR TOOLS Ideally, you’ll want to use a combination of several tools when conducting keyword research and choosing […]

Messaging Platforms Are Essential for Effective Content Marketing

Your organization’s messaging must be consistent, align with your brand, and represent your purpose with clear, compelling language—especially as it pertains to your content marketing strategy. To ensure that all of these objectives are met, you’re going to need a messaging platform. STAY TRUE TO YOUR MISSION Although using a messaging platform is encouraged for your […]

Discover the New YGS Website: Personalization, Engagement, Results

The new YGS website offers our clients—and potential clients—a seamless experience that combines customized navigation, compelling communication, and thoughtful design to smoothly guide the user through every menu and page. When we took on the task of building a revamped website, our goal was to not only update the look and feel, but also to […]

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