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Privacy Policy

Revised 12/24/2019

Contact Information

Site contact email address:

Site support phone number: 800.501.9571


The following privacy policy terms apply to the site listed under contact information and any sites hosted within it. The privacy policy provides terms for the collection, storage and use of user data.

Types of data and reasons for data storage

The types of data being collected by this site include any personal data related to the function of the site. Site may collect user data such as name, email address, phone number, address and other data provided by the user. If this website is used for e-commerce functions, the site may also retain other information about orders placed, such as shipping address and/or preferences for billing. Credit card information will not be stored or retained on this site.

Third-party data access

Depending on the needs of the site, third parties may have access to user data. Any third-party data access is only provided as needed to maintain the functionality of the website (such as web-hosting vendor providers), or for a third-party management team to provide sales or customer support. Personal data is not provided to third parties for the purpose of sales unrelated to the purpose of the site processing the data.

Length of data storage

Data is retained on the site for the length of time required for the purposes of the data provided. For example, e-commerce or account-managed sites may retain user data to provide the user with access to purchase history or other historical logs.

Rights of data subjects

As a data subject of this site, you have the right to request removal of any personal data being stored. Contact us via the email address listed at the top of this privacy policy to request removal or edits to data. Please include your name, email address, phone number (if possible) and the URL of the site or sites you would like to review, as well as a note that you would like to review or delete your data.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Follow the link Do Not Sell My Personal Information for additional information about the data protection of California Residents.

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