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A Powerful Association Strategy

As the world continues to adapt to the challenging economic landscape, associations find themselves as leading voices to their members more than ever—not to mention the unrelenting advocacy they demonstrate on behalf of their industries.

In the box manufacturing world, that voice has been AICC, the Independent Packaging Association. Industry aside, if you’re looking for some insight into communicating and sharing information with your members, allow AICC to inspire you.

A longtime YGS content, technology, and print client, AICC has stood out during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering messaging to its members—often multiple times per day, mostly in the form of eblasts—promoting its offerings, such as:

  • Updates on postponed or cancelled in-person events
  • Upcoming webinars, led by staff, industry thought leaders, and members, as well as follow-ups noting attendance and post-webinar resources
  • Ongoing training and development courses through the AICC Packaging School, which is offered for free to all members (not a new benefit)


One of the most effective ways of connecting with your audience, particularly during a time in which many association staff and members are working remotely, is by hosting webinars. 

Whether including video, through Zoom, GoToMeeting,, or some other video conferencing software that allows the audience to interact, or simply an audio presentation complete with a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck, AICC has put on informative sessions to keep its members engaged and on top of a bevy of business-related topics. AICC has run the gamut, covering business continuity plans, employment/unemployment issue developments (both from both general HR and legal perspectives), plant safety, supply chain updates and expectations, and more.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

Beyond continuing to educate its members through webinars, AICC fills its weekly enewsletter AICC InBox with updates to events, general industry news, economic reports, and most importantly, its ongoing free online educational offerings for members. So, although the focus right now is on ensuring success and persevering through these uncertain times, AICC understands the importance of keeping members at their peak performance and providing opportunities for them and their staffs to improve.

How YGS Can Help

Your association may need help navigating the situation. YGS is here for you. As an essential business, YGS remains operational, so whether it’s content, technology, event and ad sales, design, print, or any other necessary solutions, we have the tools and resources to help you break through to the other side of this crisis.

View our list of services for associations and reach out to discuss the myriad ways YGS can support you.

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