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A Publication Is Still an Essential Member Benefit

The value of an association’s publication is measured by more than direct advertising revenue; it is also a tangible and substantial member benefit with dividends that ripple throughout the association. Read More...
By Jessica Price | June 29, 2021

YGS Speaks at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference

Craig Lauer, YGS director of content strategy, and Sam Hoffmeister, senior managing editor, shared insights on how to maximize the value of your content with association executives and experts during a 45-minute solutions chat. In this post, we share excerpts from our conversation and invite you to follow up with any questions or comments at  […] Read More...
By The YGS Group | June 15, 2021

4 Surefire Ways to Understand Your Members’ Needs

Understanding exactly what your members need is key to building a strong membership. These four methods will help you gain greater knowledge about your people and how to better engage them. Read More...
By Sam Hoffmeister | April 20, 2021

New Year, New Event Planning Strategies

It’s not likely large gatherings of people will take place anytime soon, but 2021 events must be planned and budgeted. So, what should you do? Read More...
By Rachel Markey | January 26, 2021

Guidance on Political Discourse in the Workplace

When opposing political views come together in the workplace, there is great potential for disruption and negativity. Here is some guidance on how your association can tackle this issue. Read More...
By Yvonne DeSalle | November 3, 2020

Blog Best Practices

Publishing blogs on your website is a great way to improve your organic SEO and connect with readers. But is it as easy as it seems? Read More...
By Jessica Price | October 12, 2020
blog best practices

A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Video Voiceovers

Adding video to your marketing strategy can of course prove effective, but have you considered voiceovers to bolster your video messaging? A human voice can go a long way toward improving audience engagement. Read More...
By TJ Creedon | September 29, 2020

Making the Most of Cancelled Projects

That project you’ve been working has been scrapped? It doesn’t have to be a total loss and can actually work to your advantage. Read More...
By Sam Hoffmeister | September 22, 2020

Content Marketing 101

By offering valuable content through various channels, you can easily reach prospective customers and nurture rewarding relationships. Add to that a comprehensive strategy, and your content marketing campaign can set up your brand for ongoing success. Read More...
By Jessica Price | September 8, 2020
content marketing

All Signs Point to Safety

One of the best ways to communicate new safety protocols is to post eye-catching signage around your facility that guides employees as they adapt to this new normal—YGS can help with that. Read More...
By Ashley Reid | August 3, 2020

The Power and Profit of Sponsored Content

Increasingly, associations are enhancing revenue by offering sponsored content within their magazines and other content platforms. Read More...
By Robert Glass II | July 28, 2020
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