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Motivating Your Sales Team

True leaders are always looking for new ways to motivate their teams. Whether it be at a mom-and-pop pizza shop or a Fortune 500 company, businesses can thrive when everybody is on board. There are always goals to be met, and without proper guidance and incentive, the target line can inevitably float out of reach, especially in the field of sales.

The YGS Group’s top sales professionals are led and motivated by an esteemed group of real leaders. Those leaders have paved the way for their teams to shatter goals and keep driving toward success. How do they do it? Allow their advice to lend you—and ultimately your sales team—a helping hand.

“Sometimes, just creating excitement with a fun contest that the team enjoys participating in can work just as well. You’ve got to know what incentives motivate your team. For some, it may be time off. For others, it may be all about the money. Sometimes a fun team activity or event, such as lunch out, can be a great motivator, as well.” — Jenny Kintner, Group Manager, Content Sales & Licensing

“To motivate you must first establish trust with your team. From there, provide clear goals and expectations and let them be the salespeople they are. Never micromanage or force everyone to conform to a specific style.” — Susan Welter, Vice President, Media Sales & Events

“Competition is always a big motivator. It can involve incentives or simply showcase achievements. Most sales people have a competitive nature, and the competitive drive of a salesperson is a key motivator. I can’t motivate a person, but I can provide clear goals and helpful tools to get there.” — Erica Montgomery, Executive Vice President

Knowing your team, their quirks, and the personalities within can help you build a cohesive, successful sales team. They can be motivated in several ways, but having that two-way trust is paramount to keeping the motivation flowing. Sales can be sink-or-swim, so to hit your team’s undoubtedly tough goals, take it from the experts at YGS. Believe in your team, clarify goals to set your salespeople up for success, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun!

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