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The Key to Creating an Optimal Client Experience

Tina Enck, account director, spoke to us about the unique role of account management at The YGS Group, as well as the nuances of great account management.

What role does the YGS Marketing Services Account Manager play in the client service support of an organization/company?
The role of account management at YGS is quite unique to our industry, mainly because we offer such a diverse portfolio of services. The Marketing Services Account Manager (MSAM) must be well-versed in all our services to be able to react quickly to a myriad of client requests.

What is the primary benefit to the customer in having a Marketing Services Account Manager as part of the client service equation?
The MSAM functions as a conduit between the customer and our services. When a client works with YGS on multiple services (design, digital, editorial, etc.), an MSAM is introduced to help streamline communication. While it is not always possible for all conversations to funnel through the MSAM, the customer can be assured that this role will have a high level of understanding regarding the many moving parts and pieces of their account. In short, the MSAM will know how to get all the answers a client needs.

What is the primary benefit to the internal team(s) in having an MSAM as part of the client service equation, and how does this improve the customer’s experience?
For many of the same reasons the MSAM benefits the customer, the position also benefits internal teams. The MSAM is the keeper of all production schedules, and because of the frequency of contact with the client, that relationship affords the person in this role a deeper knowledge of their likes, dislikes, hot buttons, etc. This information is often critical to finding solutions that satisfy both the client and internal teams.

What are some important characteristics to ensure an optimal client experience?
A critical component in the success of the client’s experience is the MSAM’s ability to successfully educate the client about our processes and workflow. When the customer gains a full understanding of what goes into every step of our process and why we do things the way we do them, they begin to develop trust and view us as a partner in their success. Other important elements of an optimal client experience include timely response to inquiries and having the vision to look ahead to ward off potential project pitfalls that are often only seen by the MSAM, who has a 30,000-foot view of the entire workflow.

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