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What Do You Wish You Knew Before Entering Marketing?

Entering a new career field should be exciting, provided you truly believe in the direction you’re going. Making the transition onto a new path can feel daunting, with the uncertainties of what lies ahead. On top of that, you may not understand going into it, how much you really don’t know in that given field, and the marketing arena is certainly a field where there is a lot to know.

Luckily, most thriving workplaces have those standout team members who offer guidance when it’s needed most. Regardless of their position or their method of delivery in guiding, it’s these leaders that set the tone for the department, and establish the way the teams will innovate, work, and grow together in their respective roles.

The YGS Marketing Services Department has those leaders, and they are imperative to the department’s success, as well as the overall success of the company in growing to meet the changing needs of the clients. They’ve collectively spent decades adjusting and adapting to the ever-changing state of the marketing landscape.

Their indispensable insights:

“There is a lot more psychology behind it than business, for sure…in the end, marketing is just trying to get people to respond and react to some form of communication stimulus. To me, that’s cool because I never went into marketing for the business side of it; I went into marketing for the creative, communications side of it. The folks that get into it have to have a good balance of the business mind and that people, communications, psychology mind to really be well-rounded in what they bring to the marketing world.”
— Jack Davidson, Vice President of Marketing Services

“One thing that’s changed drastically since I graduated college is the role of social media in the workplace. For me, it’s been a lot of on-the-job-training, where I see some more recent grads are entering the workforce having had specific courses in social media marketing. I think it’s important for us to merge our knowledge and skillsets to ensure our social media practices are effectively targeting the correct audiences.”
— Kali Eskew, Marketing Account Manager

“Being in the world of marketing automation means that my brain looks at each project as a workflow. The workflow is made up of tiny boxes that proceed from one to the next until you get to the end goal. It all makes perfect sense in my head, but I didn’t realize that many people don’t think like that. I now better understand how to bring these workflows to life by educating our customers in the process.”
— Amy LaPorte, Director of Marketing Automation

“I wish I had a better understanding of how fast this industry changes. You need to continuously reinvent and educate yourself on how fast technology is changing. It’s like having two jobs. I would never change my career, but it’s like changing careers/skillsets every three years or so.”
— Serena Spiezio, Creative Director

Learning the dynamics of marketing can be as challenging as any field out there. The nuances of modern-day marketing transcend any one person’s knowledge, and to think otherwise would be myopic, however, with solid leadership comes cohesive teamwork and synergy to get the work done.

See what marketing experts at YGS can offer you and your business.

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