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Client Login

Sending your project files to The YGS Group is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. First, make sure you have an ftp client, such as FileZilla, Fetch, or Cyberduck. If you need an ftp client, you can download FileZilla for free by clicking on the link below. *If using FileZilla, please only use version 3.9 or older.
  2. Second, open the application. If using FileZilla, click on the button labeled “Quickconnect”. If using Cyberduck, click on the button labeled “Open Connection”.
    • Enter the following information for connection:
      • Host: (or
      • Username: Username provided by YGS
      • Password: Password provided by YGS
  3. If using FileZilla, click the “Quickconnect” button. If using Cyberduck, click the “Ok” button.  You should now be connected to the FTP.

Note: You cannot access the YGS FTP Server with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. You must use an FTP client, like FileZilla or Cyberduck. There are additional FTP clients available for free and for a cost. We recommend FileZilla because it is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

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