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Reflections From the YGS Design Team

At The YGS Group, the Marketing Services department comprises multiple teams of talented associates who deliver quality—often artful—solutions to its clients. Behind the scenes, there is a team of assiduous creatives, often working from a simple concept to realize the visual aspects of those solutions. These art directors are consistently innovative and versatile, which speaks volumes within the results. The YGS design team is truly above and beyond.

But as artists, it’s unfair to lump all creatives together as one. Each designer has a thought process of his or her own that separates one from another. Each has differing strengths and weaknesses, and each draws from various inspirations in their own unique way. So, let’s get inside the brains of a few of these professionals to see what drives them and makes them the individual artists they are:

“I look at good and bad design for inspiration—what works and doesn’t work. Whether it’s leafing through a design magazine or Pinterest, or walking through a department store, I’m always aware of what’s around me. It’s good to look current, but trends change so fast. So, I always incorporate good design fundamentals as a foundation, include something that is timeless so it won’t become dated, then if appropriate, pepper something trendy within the design.” — Michael Vucic, Senior Art Director

“I really enjoy the moments when you are working through a design and it starts to click. Whether it’s a cool type treatment or a fun infographic, the point at which it all starts to become clear is what I strive for in every design. … I try to be open to all styles. I feel the project dictates the design and style. What works for one, might not work for another. So, I try to go into each project with an open mind, ready to listen to the details to determine the style. That being said, I try to follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy.” — Zon Buckley, Art Director

“I love when I’m presented with a challenge to do something new, or to figure out something complex. As art directors, we’re often tasked with putting visuals to complex ideas or thoughts, and making sense of them so that they communicate clearly to the end user. I especially love when we need to take something that doesn’t seem super interesting, and after adding art or illustration to it, the project morphs into something fun or unexpectedly clever.” — Jason Deller, Art Director

“I find that my personal design style usually leans heavily on typography. When I search for inspiration, I am most drawn to those pieces that utilize type that marries well to an image, rather than just being used on top of a nice image. I think finding the right visuals is a great first step, but typography can take a project across the finish line. I remember sitting in a critique attending college, and one of my peers commented that one project looked like the designer ‘just typed the type out in Word.’ It made me realize that if I leave type looking unfinished, there is nothing that separates me from someone who may have the computer programs, but doesn’t have the eye and knowledge to really use them to their fullest potential like a well-rounded designer might.” — Megan Meckley Hacker, Art Director

This team is led by Creative Director Serena Spiezio, who is proud to head a group of such talented individuals:

“It’s always exciting to see what the designers come up with after our concept discussions. We spend hours discussing how to tackle marketing projects, and then they go and work their magic,” Spiezio said. “Each designer has a unique style and process, almost like a fingerprint. I am always impressed and constantly wowed by what they come up with. So, in short, my favorite aspect is witnessing their unique creations.”

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