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Specialty Graphics: Representing Your Brand in a Big Way

Branding and marketing successfully for business can be a large task, and the YGS Group’s Specialty Graphics production department takes that literally. From covering buses to buildings, these large-scale projects are truly state-of-the-art. Add that on top of the smaller, more storefront-oriented signage and everything in between, and visual marketing options for clients can be seemingly endless.

After the acquisition of a few talented associates and a unique collection of printing equipment from The Hershey Co.—including five full-color, large-scale inkjet printers—the Specialty Graphics team has produced a variety of sumptuous branding and marketing materials for clients.

During the department’s first 15 months, the Specialty Graphics team has grown to create such spectacles as associate locker wrappings complete with corporate branding, LED backlight metal signs with a remote-control dimmer, and even ceiling tiles for an entire meeting room, upon which a full blue sky and clouds were printed.

There is almost no limit to what YGS Specialty Graphics can do. The vast list of options includes signs, banners, flags, posters, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, elevator doors, windows, wallpaper, and street graphics, among virtually any other medium the team could dream up.

Size is no boundary, either. In one pass, graphics as wide as 60 inches and as long as 300 feet can be produced. If that isn’t big enough, multiple pieces can be assembled to meet almost any large-scale client request.

Printing and finishing options are, again, expansive. Without even mentioning all of the paper types available—perhaps too many to name—four ink types (UC curable, latex, eco-solvent, and aqueous ink) are at a client’s disposal. Finishing options include custom digital, laser cutting, engraving, and custom fabrication, just to name a few.

Of course, these artful projects don’t come without challenges, but Specialty Graphics Vice President Bob Quirk says his team overcomes these with “the gathering of internal creativity and relative experience.”

“The wide range of exposure that many YGS associates have encountered in various related industries and market segments,” Quirk says, “has helped pull all the pieces together.”

The confidence shown in the team certainly holds the door open for more creative opportunities moving forward. With the current configuration in place, they continue to engage in new opportunities. To grow even further, process improvement is also being evaluated and refined, especially in regards to estimating and scheduling functions. On the mechanical side, equipment improvements may be in store as well, but this all depends on the opportunities for internal business and strategic growth.

“In the future, I see us bridging into printing on a variety of fabrics for a variety of applications,” Quirk says. “I see us branching out to printing on new rigid materials, as well as presenting what we print with motion provided by mechanical devices and electronics. I also envision providing solutions with ways to project and display graphics digitally or using a combination of all the above.”

YGS Specialty Graphics strives to fulfill any company’s graphics request with a technologically advanced, fully customizable, and most importantly, rewarding experience. “These products provide a tremendous way to promote your brand and/or message,” Quirk says. “Go big or go bigger with color, light, and motion.”

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