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Consumer Reports

Provide persuasive, unbiased guidance to your customers with two powerful programs

CR Recommended® Mark  |  CR Reprints and Eprints

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The Power of the CR Brand

CR, an independent, nonprofit member organization, has been publishing highly trusted, unbiased recommendations for consumers since 1936. Licensing and reprinting CR content brings reputable guidance to consumers at key decision points where trusted, dependable information is needed most, helping consumers cut through the clutter and misinformation in the marketplace.

“71% of people are more likely to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others.”

—Hubspot Data

CR Reprints and Licensing

Leverage your recommendation with marketing and promotional licensing

The YGS team will customize licensing packages to suit your needs. Use key Consumer Reports content to showcase how your brands products stack up against other brands in your industry. Licenses are available for corporate website, social media, email distribution, digital retail, in-store display, trade shows/events and hard copy reprints.


The YGS Group can work with you to license CR content for non-promotional use. Check with us if you would like to use an article in your book, film, TV, museum or educational project. Consumer Reports does not allow excerpting of content, only the full articles must be used.

Please note: Permission licensing is a paid service and requires licensing fees. CR does not offer fee free licenses.

“Brands miss a massive opportunity to improve their customer experience by influencing the more authentic interactions consumers have with earned media.”


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